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Success Story Winner

Malihe Ghamarsourat
Had anxiety and depression. Tried various weight loss methods for years, but always felt discourage and defeated.


Regained her confidence and self-love. Lost 108 pounds. Happy and empowered.


Malihe tried to lose weight for years, attempting different diets, shakes and programs. Nothing was working for her,
leaving her hopeless. She felt symptoms of anxiety, lost her self-confidence and became depressed.

Success Story Finalist 2020 - Malihe Before

Success Story Finalist 2020 - Malihe After

Her life changed for the better when she met her Personal Trainer, Amir at Lonsdale Steve Nash Fitness World. He constructed an exercise and nutrition plan that was perfect for her, establishing clear goals that she could reach. One year later, she overcame her depression, tackled her insecurities and lost an amazing 108 pounds!

If you are focused, you can achieve it. If I did it, everyone else can do it too, but you have to believe it. It’s like baby steps, you cannot just achieve your goals suddenly. You have to be patient, sometimes you have to cry, sometimes you’ll laugh, but, you have to be patient and go step-by-step.


Success Story Finalist

Jason Reid
Stressed from life, work and school. Lost drive. Lacked motivation. Became the heaviest he’s ever been. Intense back


Highly motivated. Improved performance in sports. Gained strength and overcame back pain. Pushing himself further and


Jason considered himself to be a “stock” and solid teenager. However, post-graduation, Jason began falling into the
pressures of life,worrying about his career and focusing only on his future. Over time, he let go of himself due to
stress, gaining a ton of weight, developing immense back pain as a result.

Success Story Finalist 2020 - Jason Reid Before

Success Story Finalist 2017 - Jason Reid After

Coming to realization about his physical state, Jason decided to turn to Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club for his fitness journey. He was able to focus on his nutrition, reducing his fat and building up his strength. Within a couple weeks of training with Rohit, Jason already began noticing a difference in his energy level and strength. Continuing on this upward trend, Jason expanded his training regimen into powerlifting and Olympic training,
along side his weight loss goals.

I think the first steps need to be small and attainable. The level of accomplishment and feeling that you’ve succeeded in something is really motivating to keep going… Be trusting in putting in the time, and you’ll get the results… It can be hard if you’re not see it right away, but down the road, it’ll definitely kick in. Sometimes it just a matter of finding the right formula, and having a trainer to kinda figure that out… Starting out, keep at it, it’ll come


Success Story Finalist

Karen Verheul
Freak accident causing fractured hip. Required surgery and three screws. Difficulty balancing. Fear of happening again.


Regained her strength. More flexible and active than before. Positive outlook inspiring others.


Karen began her fitness journey back in 2016. She was overweight, stressed and was always tired. Her life changed for the better when she met Daniel who helped her shave off the unwanted weight and teach her compound exercises. By 2019, she was in the best shape of her life was able to do the unimaginable. Unfortunately, after a freak accident, she had broken her hip bone and required surgery where she would need three screws to stabilize her bone.

Success Story Finalist 2020 - Karen Verheul Before

Success Story Finalist 2020 - Karen Verheul After

However, because of Karen’s physique and her fitness level, she was able to make a quicker-than-normal recovery and was back in the gym within a month. She had her doubts if she could reach her previous state, but Daniel continued to give her hope. After her remarkable recovery, Karen truly believes the unachievable can always be attained.

it starts with very simple steps… I never thought I would be able to make it this far. It’s just day-by-day. I think that’s what you have to focus on. You can’t think ‘oh my gosh, I’ve got this amount of weight to lose’, or ‘oh my gosh I can’t imagine being able to do that.’ You just have to celebrate the small successes’ day by day as you go gym or week by week. It just was so positive. Every time I was able to do something, even if it was just me that noticed, that I was able to do something, it was just really reinforcing. Very positive.


Success Story Finalist

Jin Zhang
Struggled with a tumor on her neck. Constant headaches, fainting and excessive weight gain. Overly exhausted.


Highly active. Stronger. Exercise and nutrition have given her the energy her children need.


As a single mother taking care of her kids, managing her household, and working to provide for her family, Jin never had any time for herself. Proper nutrition and exercise were never a high priority, and as the year dragged on, she gradually gained weight. Jin would have frequent headaches, nausea and dizziness, and after visiting a doctor she had learned a tumor had grown on the back of her neck

Success Story Finalist 2020 - Jin Zhang Before

Success Story Finalist 2020 - Jin Zhang After

As the supermom Jin was, she knew she could not give up for the sake of her children. That’s when she met Bruce, her Personal Trainer, to get her life back on track. Each day she was filled with more energy with every training session. Her nutrition improved resulting in weight loss. Jin is now in charge of her life.

With being a single mom in a different country, as long as you stay consistent and you put in the work and the effort, you will be very happy with the results at the end of the day


Success Story Finalist

Karen Wrafter
Low self-esteem. Discouraged. Told she was going to be “big” cause of genetics


Going beyond her expectations. Broke her barriers. Stronger than she has ever been. Confident.


She was always told she would be a bigger girl because of her frame and the “mystery” gene that would restrict her to this. At the gym, she would admire those who would lift weights, but always felt intimated to do it herself because of what she had been told. With her professional career keeping her busy, alongside getting married, she found it easy to make excuses for herself.

Success Story Finalist 2020 - Karen Wrafter Before

Success Story Finalist 2020 - Karen Wrafter After

Karen finally decided the excuses have gone too far and forced herself to a nutrition assessment, resulting in her getting a personal trainer. Filled with nerves on her first day, Karen learned quickly what she had been missing out. The knowledge, confidence and discipline she learned from her trainer, Harry Patel, gave her comfort in the gym, which would ultimately help in her professional and personal life down the road.

What’s holding you back? Is that thing that’s holding you back a real thing, or is it something you’ve built up in your mind? You probably have very little to lose by trying, so you should go and really give it a go. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Just because you can google a workout and go and try it on your own, doesn’t mean that you have to. It’s okay to ask for help, and nobody’s going to judge you for that.


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