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Alex Van
Low-energy. The left side of her body was extremely weak. Struggling with balance and coordination. Unsure about her future.


Strong. Independent. In control of her whole body. Confident. Hopeful on the future.


Alex was diagnosed with stage 4 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. After fighting it into remission, her cancer returned stronger, and had also developed into a brain tumour. The tumour made the left side of her body extremely weak, and months of intensive chemotherapy left her bed ridden.

Success Story Finalist 2018 - Alex Van Before

Success Story Finalist 2017 - Megan Chrostowski After

After signing-up at the gym and working with her trainers, Logan and Bryan, Alex slowly began to regain her lost strength and mobility. Now Alex finds herself doing things she had never dreamed of doing.

I’m trying new activities that I had previously accepted as things I just wouldn’t be able to do. Probably the most rewarding was getting back on the paddleboard this past summer. Despite my nervousness, I stood up on my first try with very little effort. In fact, I surprised myself so much I nearly fell off! Just last year, I started playing at a highly competitive level of ultimate frisbee and am often amazed at how fast I continue to improve.


Success Story Finalist

Natasha Oforsagd
Bullied. Depressed. Stress eating. Chronic foot issues.


Corrected issues with her feet. Down 70lbs. Confident. Empowered. Happy.

Weight had always been an issue for Natasha. She was bullied relentlessly in high school because of her weight, causing her to use food as a coping tool. Her health only got worse after her dad suddenly passed away.

Success Story Finalist 2017 - Emery Warner Before

Success Story Finalist 2017 - Emery Warner After

Since then, Natasha turned her life around for the better. Since joining Steve Nash, she has continuously seen results in and out of the gym. Her confidence in herself has grown and she has learned how to have a healthy relationship with food.

This year has been the first year I have actually felt like the person I was meant to be. I am more confident and trusting of myself than I have been since I was a young girl. This is also the first winter season since my dad passed away where I feel I will be able to manage any emotions that may come from the season in a healthy manner.


Success Story Finalist

Danielle Blackett
Struggling with eating disorders. Unhealthy relationship with food. Inconsistent with exercising. Persistent ankle and wrist injuries.


Excited about exercising. Healthy relationship with food. Stronger. Confident. Injuries properly healed.

Danielle was secretly struggling with eating disorders most of her life. Orthorexia and Binge Eating Disorder had worked her into a vicious cycle; she would eat foods she considered unhealthy, restrict herself from eating, then binge eat everything in sight.

Success Story Finalist 2017 - Julie Rodriguez Before

Success Story Finalist 2017 - Julie Rodriguez After

Stepping into the gym, Danielle wanted to find balance in her life and beat these eating disorders. After finding some initial success and then falling back into old ways, she learned that fitness is a journey, not a destination. Since then she has worked harder than ever before in her life and gotten the results she so desperately craved. She has worked past her eating disorders and discovered a healthy relationship with food.

At some point in my journey, I couldn’t tell you the exact point, it finally clicked for me that food isn’t “good” or “bad.” Food is just food. I was able to take back the healthy relationship with food that I had honestly begun to believe was just a myth. I can eat a donut or drink a beer without feeling guilt, without feeling like I need to compensate for it by restricting myself the next day or punishing myself with hours of gruelling cardio. These days, I treat myself with love and respect, take joy in moving every day, and have learned how to forgive my body when it fails.


Success Story Finalist

George Layne
Chronic back injuries leaving him in constant pain. Overweight.


Stronger. No longer hampered by nagging back injuries. Inspiring others.

George had a simple goal, to be the best 62-year-old possible. A car accident left him with an injured back, unable to exercise. Whenever he started getting back into an exercise rhythm, he would experience another injury set back.

Success Story Finalist 2017 - Satpaul Binng Before

Success Story Finalist 2017 - Satpaul Binng After

George stepped into the gym looking to regain his lost physique and form from before his injury. He signed-up for 36 sessions with personal trainer Rochelle, and got to work. Now, George finds himself doing exercises he hasn’t been able to do since his youth and is well on his way towards his goal of being the fittest 62 year old on the planet.

Before I started my training with Rochelle, I weighed 183 lbs. I now weigh 167 lbs. I had a 60 year-old beer belly, and now I can see some definition. I can do chin-ups again, something I haven’t done since elementary school. I am also now able to do things I never could before, like dips without counter weights, leg presses with 12 plates, and much more!


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