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Success Stories 2017 Finalists

Success Story Winner

Megan Chrostowski
Mom of three, battling a degenerative disease making her afraid to carry her new baby. Balance so poor that performing jumping jacks was difficult. Unable to lift her 8-year-old daughter in and out of her wheelchair. Ongoing pain in her shoulder, neck and back.


Stronger, pain-free. Triathlete. Can carry her daughter up and down stairs with ease. Overcoming symptoms of her degenerative disease. Super mom.

Megan’s fitness journey began at the Success Stories celebration event in December 2015 for her father, Dennis. Megan has the same hereditary muscle disease as her father (Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, or CMT). Inspired by the incredible improvements he had made in regaining his ability, Megan took her health into her own hands.

Success Story Finalist 2017 - Megan Chrostowski Before

Success Story Finalist 2017 - Megan Chrostowski After

Megan wanted to be able to lift her 8-year old daughter, who has Cerebral Palsy, in and out of her wheelchair, and feel confident carrying her baby daughter without the fear of dropping her (CMT affects coordination, muscle tone and balance). She met with the Fitness Manager at Steve Nash Fitness World Kitsilano and cried in her office.

She was paired with Kyle, “awesome trainer guy extraordinaire!” in January 2016. When she attempted jumping jacks for the first time during her session, she nearly fell over. However, to Megan’s surprise, Kyle “didn’t laugh. No eye roll. Maybe just a recalibration of where I was actually at and where I needed to get to”. Kyle and Megan worked closely together to build up her strength and agility, providing home workouts for her to do when her schedule got too hectic.

In Summer 2016, Megan set a goal of completing her very first sprint triathlon, something she would have never dreamed of doing. She had built up her strength enough to the point where she could carry her daughter across the sandy beach and up stairs, so why stop there? Megan finished the triathlon, then jumped back in the pool to help her two daughters complete the children’s triathlon: “I finished my first one as a 41 year old mom of three trying to come to terms with her own (dis)ability. I loved it!”

Fast forward to now: For the first time in her life, Megan feels comfortable in the gym, giving much of the credit to the friendly and open staff at Steve Nash Fitness World Kitsilano. She is pain and injury-free. She is working towards her second race season as a para-triathlete, focused on breaking her personal records. She is a positive example for her daughters that anything is possible. They sail, ski, hike, bike and go on adventures as a family. She has gone from someone who says ‘I can’t’ to ‘I will. Watch me.’


Success Story Finalist

Emery Warner
Overweight. Heavy smoker. Addicted to caffeine. Battling mental health issues. Significantly limited mobility in his right arm due to a musculoskeletal disorder.


Quit smoking. Drastically limited alcohol intake. 100 lbs lighter. No longer on anti-depressants. Gained mobility back in his right arm. Happier, healthier, transformed.

Emery’s story is one of transformation, both physically and mentally. He first stepped into Steve Nash Fitness World Marine Gateway in 2016 after realizing that he was on a path of self-destruction. His health had declined due to inactivity, excessive partying & smoking, and indulging in high calorie fast food. A life-long musculoskeletal disorder limits the mobility of his right arm. Having trouble bending over to tie his shoes made Emery decide enough is enough.

Success Story Finalist 2017 - Emery Warner Before

Success Story Finalist 2017 - Emery Warner After

Emery chose to work out first thing in the morning to get his health and day on the right track. At first, using an elliptical for more than ten minutes was hard.

Emery will now tell you that being active is the best medicine. The most important thing is to keep focused on why you want to achieve your goals. You may miss a few days at the gym, have cheat meals or mental health challenges; but if you always do a little, you’ll only ever have to do a little.

Emery credits every single staff member at SNFC locations across the Lower Mainland for making his fitness journey a positive one, considering them all individuals he has ‘trained’ with:

“I think of a Personal Trainer from the Howe and Davie Fitness World who sent me text messages encouraging less alcohol intake. I think of the friendly front desk staff from the Brentwood Sports Club who always reassured me that I made the right choice in going to the gym that day. I think of the cleaning staff that ensures the Richmond Sports Club’s change rooms are in immaculate shape. I think of the several Personal Trainers that have come up to me with tips on better form and other suggestions. I think of the Membership Representatives that have encouraged me to invite friends to enjoy the experience of the gym with them. I think of the various managers that have checked in with me regarding my membership and ways of making the Club better. I think of all of those who work behind the scenes in expanding the SNFC network and other things that make being a member with SNFC better.”

Today, Emery is a completely changed person. He is 100 lbs lighter, kicked his poor habits, and has stopped taking anti-depressants. He has seen major improvements to the movement and functionality in his right arm. Most importantly, he has gained a sense of purpose and an excitement for continuing with a healthy lifestyle.

Emery is thankful for SNFC and its important role in the reclaiming of his life: “Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Clubs is my safe space, and much, much more.”


Success Story Finalist

Julie Rodriguez
Unhappy. Struggling with her weight. Depressed. Insecure.


Confident and empowered. Weighs 40 lbs less. Is training for her first full marathon. Happier, healthier, transformed. Everything is possible for her now.

Julie’s fitness journey began in 2013. After starting her first job post-grad school, Julie spiralled into a cycle of depression, using food as a coping mechanism. After a year of monotony and unhappiness in her job, Julie had gained 25 lbs – an increase of 30% of her body weight.

Success Story Finalist 2017 - Julie Rodriguez Before

Success Story Finalist 2017 - Julie Rodriguez After

Over the course of 2014 and 2015, Julie began running at the suggestion of her co-worker. The turning point for her was when she was being passed by people double her age during a 5 KM race: “l still have so much life that I should be able to do this,” she said. She slowly progressed to 10-12 KM races, followed by a Half Marathon at the end of 2014.

Julie began a new job in September 2015, and joined Steve Nash Fitness World Cambie through an employee membership program. Training with a Personal Trainer once a week, she lost 10 lbs by adjusting her diet. Upon receiving compliments on her slimmer physique, Julie was motivated to keep working.

In April 2016, Julie and her Personal Trainer focused on toning and weight training. No matter how tired Julie was, Tony kept her motivated. He created boredom-proof workouts, a factor keeping Julie on track. She shed inches off her figure, plus time off her runs; completing her third Half Marathon 30 minutes faster than the previous two.

Personal Training completely transformed Julie’s life. It gave her the confidence to do workouts she wouldn’t have done on her own. Combining weight training and nutrition planning keep her motivated to stick to a schedule at the gym. She greatly appreciates the Personal Training team at Steve Nash Fitness World Cambie for pushing her and teaching her how to take care of her body.

Julie now feels more comfortable with herself and confident in communicating in her work and dating life.


Success Story Finalist

Satpaul Binng
Prescribed bedrest for two pregnancies resulting in severe muscle atrophy. Satpaul was denied the ability to hold her newborn baby or even walk a block. Chronic back pain and tendonitis making holding a coffee cup difficult.


Running half marathons. Lost 30 lbs. Can squat with her daughter on her shoulders. Inspired her entire family to be more active.

Satpaul stepped into Steve Nash Fitness World Delta in 2014 after realizing that she needed help to be her best self. A mother of two, Satpaul had been put on mandatory bedrest for the majority of both pregnancies. The result was atrophied muscles and weight gain. She could barely walk a block without her muscles giving out. She was diagnosed with chronic back pain and tendonitis, making simple tasks like carrying her baby or a cup of coffee difficult.

Success Story Finalist 2017 - Satpaul Binng Before

Success Story Finalist 2017 - Satpaul Binng After

Facing the decision to either take pain medication for her ailments or to step foot in the gym for the first time in 10 years, Satpaul asked for help. She knew she had to take action to truly be happy.

Satpaul was introduced to Personal Trainer Marc Mincieli, who helped her overcome her fear of simply being in the gym. She had never lifted weights before. She struggled with the feeling that everyone at the gym was better and healthier than she was. Marc was “exactly what she needed”. His humour, encouragement and positive spirit kept her on track making her goals a reality. She can still remember the day she squatted 115 lbs for the first time, thinking “Oh my God, I am the girl squatting 115 lbs!” with a smiling Marc right by her side, telling her how proud he was.

Satpaul began running in 2015 with a 5 KM race. Since then, she has completed the Vancouver Sun Run, BMO 8 KM run, and Spartan Obstacle Race. When she told Marc that she wanted to do a Half Marathon a week after her 40th birthday, he was there for her every step of the way, motivating her on the days when she didn’t want to work out.

Fast forward to today: Satpaul is a healthier, more empowered version of herself. She feels younger and is in the best shape of her life. She proudly sets a healthy example for her two children and husband. Satpaul has inspired her 10-year old daughter to complete a 5 KM run with her. Her next goal race is the Whistler Half Marathon with her brother.


Success Story Finalist

Tim Dawson
455 lbs. Severe joint, knee and leg swelling. Cardiovascular health concerns. A need to make an immediate positive change or face dire health consequences.
200 lbs lighter. Improved cardiovascular health. Box jumping. Hiking with his wife. Setting new fitness goals. A motivation to others in the gym.

Tim and his wife both struggled with their weight. A friend and member who had success losing weight recommended Steve Nash Fitness World Langley. Tim’s goal was to lose at least 200 lbs. He knew he needed to lose the weight in order to undergo important knee surgery. If he didn’t act now, he knew he would not be around much longer.

Success Story Finalist 2017 - Tim Dawson Before

Success Story Finalist 2017 - Tim Dawson After

Tim began training with Personal Trainer Brendan Campbell. Initially, Tim was skeptical. Brendan is much smaller and shorter than Tim. What if he fell? Brendan wouldn’t be able to help him get off the ground. However, after a year of working together, Tim has gained valuable knowledge and made immense progress. He has also gained a friend: “Without his encouragement, knowledge, and guidance, I would not have gotten this far,” Tim says.

Tim owes a lot of his success to the support and guidance of the team at Steve Nash Fitness World Langley. Once a far-fetched dream, Tim can now complete a box jump with ease. He goes on walks with his wife. Tim has set new goals in order to work on his strength and maintain his new level of fitness for a long time to come.

Tim hopes that by sharing his story, he can inspire others to never give up on their goals.


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