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Straight Leg Deadlifts - Workout Video
Straight Leg Deadlifts

Learn the basics of completing a proper straight leg deadlift.

Seated Row Basics - Workout Video
Seated Row Basics

Learn how to execute a proper seated row, where to engage, and how to breathe.

Leg Press Basics - Workout Video
Leg Press Basics

Learn the correct form to complete a leg press. Remember to engage your core and breathe.

The sled push exercise - Workout Video
The sled push exercise

Here Austin and Chris demonstrate the sled push. Great for developing dynamic and explosive strength in your training.

SandBell® Training: Top 3 Exercises - Workout Video
SandBell® Training: Top 3 Exercises

At Steve Nash Fitness Clubs we love trying out different types of fitness gear. These are our top 3 exercises using the SandBell®.

Bicep Curl Basics - Workout Video
Bicep Curl Basics

Learn how to properly execute a basic bicep curl.

Bench Press Basics - Workout Video
Bench Press Basics

Learn how to execute a proper bench press and prevent injury. The key to lifting is good form.

Spring Training: Hockey Workouts - Workout Video
Spring Training: Hockey Workouts

ur hockey pro, Kyle, shows you how to develop your stability, balance, speed, agility, quickness and perfect your hockey stride. These 4 workouts will help you tailor your workout in the gym and improve your performance on the ice.

Spring Training: Baseball Workout - Workout Video
Spring Training: Baseball Workout

Get ready for the Baseball season with these exercises designed to improve your swing, throw and overall strength. Have your best season yet with the help of Katherine our resident baseball expert and personal trainer.

Advanced kettlebell workout - Workout Video
Advanced kettlebell workout

Take your kettlebell workout to the next level. Learn how to advance from a Kettlebell clean to one-armed kettlebell snatch.

Exercises to increase your mobility - Workout Video
Exercises to increase your mobility

The perfect workout for those looking to increase their mobility. Using the TRX this series of exercises is gentle on the joints and is the perfect starting point for those just beginning their fitness journey.

Squats: From basic to weighted - Workout Video
Squats: From basic to weighted

Tighten and tone your legs with squats. Learn the full progression from the basic squat to a weighted barbell squat.

How to deadlift: your guide to perfect form - Workout Video
How to deadlift: your guide to perfect form

Deadlift's are a great exercise to build your hamstrings, lower body and glutes. Learn how to perfect your deadlift form to avoid injury and maximize your results.

Mastering the battle ropes - Workout Video
Mastering the battle ropes

Learn how to get a full body workout using one of the most popular pieces of equipment out right now! Get ready for an intense full-body workout with the help of Personal Trainer Mike Bozek.

Extreme Three set combo - Workout Video
Extreme Three set combo

Not for the faint of heart or a fitness beginner this three combo exercise will leave you sweating and panting on the floor. Try to keep up with Personal Trainer Gareth Bryson as he takes your workout to the extreme.

Kettlebell Workout 101 - Workout Video
Kettlebell Workout 101

Learn everything you need to know about safely and effectively doing a kettlebell workout.

Boxing 101 - Workout Video
Boxing 101

Learn your basic boxing offence and defence from personal trainer David Rojo.

Pull Ups 101 - Workout Video
Pull Ups 101

Starting with the basics personal trainer Gareth Bryson will show you how to do a basic pullup and progress it to the extreme.

TRX Rip Trainer Workout - Workout Video
TRX Rip Trainer Workout

Get ripped with the help of the TRX Rip Training System and personal trainer Teresa Wright.

TRX Leg day Workout - Workout Video
TRX Leg day Workout

Personal Trainer Teresa Wright shows you how to do a killer lower body/ leg workout using a TRX suspension trainer.

TRX Upper body workout - Workout Video
TRX Upper body workout

Personal Trainer Teresa Wright shows you how to achieve a toned and lean upper body using a TRX suspension trainer.

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