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The importance

Of nutrition

A healthy, balanced diet and safe, effective training are a successful combination that supports your commitment to your goals. Our personal trainers will help you eat smarter with a diet plan that boosts your training program and ensures fitness fulfillment.

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The benefits

Of Supplements

Making sure you get enough protein, vitamins, and minerals can be tough. Our personal trainers will guide you toward a deeper understanding of nutrition and expertly produced supplements so you can commit to your goals and achieve the best results.


Dotfit was created to help families grow strong. They’re committed to safe and effective nutrition products and programs that provide your body with the right nutrients at the right time, for maximum benefit to both kids and adults.

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Vega and Steve Nash Fitness share a synergy as two BC based organizations on a mission to help you achieve successful fitness results. Enhance your health goals and life with Vega’s clean, plant-based nutritional products.

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Nutrition 101

Watch our nutritional videos
Nutrition 101: Good sugar vs. bad sugar - Personal Training Vancouver
Nutrition 101: Good sugar vs. bad sugar
We answer the age old question on whether sugar is good or bad for you. Plus find out what your body needs before and after working out as well as how a proper nutrition plan will benefit your health.
Get to know Dotfit - Personal Training Vancouver
Get to know Dotfit
Making sure that you are getting enough protein, vitamins and minerals can be tough especially with a busy schedule. Try our dotFit line of supplements to make sure that your body is getting everything that it needs.
How Much Protein Do You Need? - Personal Training Vancouver
How Much Protein Do You Need?
Figuring out how much protein your body needs can be tough. Let us help you get the right amount for your body.

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