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Get Inspired and beat your expectations. Our certified personal trainers develop safe, effective workouts and nutrition plans with your goals in mind.

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  • Personal goal assessment by certified trainers

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  • Nutrition plan based on personal training goals

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Our personal trainers are an elite team of the finest professionals in BC. They’re certified in a diverse range of specialties that help educate, motivate, and inspire you to accomplish beyond your best, no matter your goals. Regular check-ins by our trainers ensure you keep up a balanced approach to your goals and nutrition within the five pillars of fitness – strength, endurance, flexibility, power, agility.

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Inspire your staff with a corporate membership for a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Our personal training experts, innovative classes, and state-of-the-art equipment will help them achieve fitness success.

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With our Fitness Experts
Extreme Three Set Combo - Personal Training Vancouver
Extreme Three Set Combo
Not for the faint of heart or a fitness beginner this three combo exercise will leave you sweating and panting on the floor. Try to keep up with Personal Trainer Gareth Bryson as he takes your workout to the extreme.
Straight Leg Deadlifts - Personal Training Vancouver
Straight Leg Deadlifts
Learn the basics of completing a proper straight leg deadlift.
TRX Rip Trainer Workout - Personal Training Vancouver
TRX Rip Trainer Workout
Get ripped with the help of the TRX Rip Training System and personal trainer Teresa Wright.

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