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Unite your body, mind and soul in a relaxing yoga class. Choose from over 15 unique styles of yoga. Stretch your muscles, increase your flexibility and unify your breath with your movement. Guaranteed to be the best hour of your day!

Fuses traditional yoga foundations with fun and funky freedom of movement through rhythmical dance. Prepare to move your “buti” and sweat!

The ideal combination of all-out effort (the “crush”) followed by all-out relaxation (the “shhh”). Experience a 50/50 split of high intensity intervals followed by deep flexibility work.

This vinyasa yoga practice unites movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next. The body naturally builds heat to move into postures and create a sense of lightness.

Establishing and maintaining range of motion is essential to moving and feeling well! This format will emphasize gentle standing and seated stretches allowing you to enjoy moving with ease and confidence. This class is perfect for ages 60+ or anyone at an introductory or rehabilitation stage of fitness.

Enjoy a dynamic, energetic and inspiring yoga practice, allowing you to build endurance, strength, flexibility and concentration. Great for athletes, this style of yoga is an excellent compliment to any sport.

This yoga practice is perfect for those wanting a deeper stretch. Postures are minimal but held for longer periods of time (3 or more minutes), allowing for full release of the muscle fibres to create length.

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