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Strong is sexy! Tone & tighten your arms, abs and booty in a full-body strength workout that will pack a powerful punch on your fitness goals.

A strong back and a sculpted six-pack is achieved through effective conditioning of all three layers of core muscles. This class targets your core like never before using a variety of strength and stability tools. Finish the class with a delicious full-body stretch.

Your glute muscles are the key to good posture, functional movement, and power. Sculpt and tone the glutes (as well as your core!) in this targeted muscle workout your body will never forget.

This class incorporates exercises that enhance muscular endurance, functional strength and flexibility, making it a well-rounded workout suitable for participants aged 60+ looking to regain range of motion, flexibility and balance. Also recommended for anyone at an introductory or rehabilitation stage of fitness.

Use the long bar in this weight lifting class that delivers pure strength gains.

Get ready for serious lifting! Axle Loaded focuses on developing power (speed x strength) and introduces weight plates from 2.5-10lbs for gradual but intense power training.