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Combination cardio & strength workouts designed to tone your entire body. Burn calories while sculpting your arms, abs, and legs to be beach-body ready all year long.

Glide your way to a lean body through this full body workout that uses the gliding discs. Expect a combination of cardiovascular and muscular endurance drills that will keep your heart rate pumping. Feel strong and lean in no time!

Three types of strength training for one incredible workout! Sandbells, kettlebells and dumbbells are used in rotation with a few bouts of cardio tossed into the mix, taking you to your personal maximum intensity level.

From a ripple to a roll to a tidal wave…crash, whip and slam your way to an amazing physique through the total body functional training found in our group fitness class featuring battle ropes. An engaging versatile and multi-level interval class that develops full-body strength, power and endurance.

A dynamic cardio/strength class using a mixture of cardio styles and resistance equipment for a total body workout.

Touted as “the world’s greatest fat burning workout”, TABATA is a simple yet effective interval training technique designed to boost the body’s calorie burning mechanisms.

A one-hour class using all styles of cardio and resistance training in an interval fashion. A combination-style class for everyone, beginner to advanced. Get ready for a variety of energy-filled cardio including Step, hi-low, and drills.