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Success Stories February 2017

Success Story: Stephanie is Doing Things She Never ImaginedMay 19, 2017 | written by

Stephanie is one of our 2017 Success Story Semi-Finalists.

Stephanie’ fitness journey began when she was going to get coffee–something she admits she was over-drinking. She met one of our staff members, Tien, and briefly spoke about the gym and the hardest part of fitness (in Stephanie’s case, sticking to it). The next day, she went to check out the Howe and Davie Fitness World, and met Ian, who was the Fitness Manager at the time. They discussed her concerns: her lack of accountability to stick with her fitness goals, not knowing how to use the machines in the gym, and not knowing the steps she could take to help achieve her goals.

Stephanie Success Story

This is what helped Stephanie make the decision to start with personal training.

Stephanie was introduced to Ludo, Personal Trainer at Howe and Davie, who brought energy to the workouts, and in turn, to Stephanie.

“I would never have been able to stick to being at the gym nor achieve the results I have without this training. The reason, a gym can be very intimidating, especially when you do not know what you are doing.”

For six months, Stephanie has trained with Ludo three times a week, and does cardio on the off days.

Ludo also taught Stephanie about nutrition, and that the right types of food can bring you far more energy than a cup of coffee ever will. Stephanie says she owes her success thus far to having a personal trainer who truly cares, and a staff who makes her feel at home, doesn’t pass judgement, and encourages her to keep coming back.

Stephanie is now doing things she could never have imagined.

She’s going on hikes with friends, and is able to do the Grouse Grind now with out completely losing her breath due to asthma. Besides hiking, she’s able to do much more. She even participated in her first ever 5K race, on her birthday! Following the run, she spent the afternoon at a climbing gym, which prior to her training, she was not able to do, because of her lack of physical fitness.

Stephanie’s progress is not only in her weight loss (she’s down 30lbs and 6% body fat) and physical appearance (increased muscle!), but in her emotional health, as well. She claims she has come out of her shell, and feels better in her own skin.

“Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club has been a staple in my journey. It is where it began and where it continues. I have been training with Ludo from the beginning and I couldn’t thank him enough for everything he’s done for me. He truly is so passionate about what he does and shares my goals with me. He is patient but at the same time pushes me to be better and work harder.”

We are so excited for Stephanie’s progress, and wish her continued success in her fitness journey.

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