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It Takes Two: The Benefits of Tandem TrainingFebruary 14, 2017 | written by

Meet Alex and Lisa, partners & working professionals who are passionate about fitness, healthy living, and each other. They were looking for a way to reconnect & spend quality time together during their busy workweeks. Their solution? tandem training with Steve Nash Fitness Clubs Personal Trainer Matt.

Matt sat down with them recently to learn more about how tandem training has improved their quality of life – both physically and emotionally.


 How did the two of you get into training together?

Alex: When I moved to Vancouver I realized that I needed to get back into shape. Lisa was a very active runner and cyclist and I didn’t want to lag behind in any activity we did together. I joined Steve Nash Fitness Clubs and met with a Personal Trainer, who gave me 3 introductory sessions. After these sessions, I knew that in order to get back into my ‘hockey days’ shape I would need a combination of both cardio and strength training. I thought Lisa working out with me would be a great opportunity for us to spend active time together doing something that we both enjoy—being healthy and feeling good—so I signed us up for a few tandem sessions and we’ve never looked back! We thoroughly enjoy Matt pushing us twice a week!

Lisa: Alex suggested we start doing this together and I was all for it! I’ve always wanted to begin a personal training commitment, and it was a great way to share an activity together, plus have an ‘accountability partner’ who was going to help get me up for those early morning sessions!

What are the advantages of training with a partner?

Alex: Training with Lisa is a blast! We look forward to doing this together – we push each other, tease each other and then apply it to our everyday lives. We regularly talk about the nutrition plan we should be following. We feel better together, we eat healthy food together and, from my side, the last thing I would want to do is become inactive when my partner is fit, eating healthy and energized. It would not be fair to Lisa if I were to not stay healthy because I wouldn’t have the energy to do the things together that we like to do.

Lisa: There are several advantages. 1. Fun – we have a blast chirping at each other and congratulating each other. 2. Motivation – that chirping is good for something! 3. Accountability – for those days when you wouldn’t make it on your own, when you’re tempted to break your food plan regimen, when you need that reminder that “we have to stick to our plan,” or when getting up crazy-early at 5 AM feels like a struggle!    4. Progress – seeing and feeling the improvements in our fitness together, and embarking on more fitness challenges as a result.

How has your relationship changed with each other, and with yourselves?

Alex: When two people are connected through health, happiness, outdoor living and experiences, it just doesn’t get any better!

Being healthy and fit allows for so many things we can do when together. We walk everywhere and make it part of our routine. We are extremely passionate dog lovers and walking, hiking or just heading to the beach with the dog is therapeutic to our day. As we continue to make fitness a part of our relationship, it allows for more active conversation and always gives us something to do from a wellness perspective. For me personally, being healthier and eating good food is an essential part of my life now. Having a partner who feels the same way increases the fun part of life and minimizes the dull times.

Lisa: Working out together has enhanced our relationship immensely. It’s so great to share a healthy activity that we both enjoy. We look forward to our workouts, and our weekends of activity now that we’re feeling healthy and fit again. We’re planning lots of exciting adventures this summer as a result!

You’re both so inspiring! What advice do you have for other couples out there that want to start on the same journey?

Alex: The key is to HAVE FUN! Make sure you have buy-in from both partners. It IS a commitment and getting up at 5:00 AM to make the early sessions is not easy, so having a supportive partner to assist in the things that get you into the gym is paramount. If you can’t make it to the gym in the morning, make it a priority to leave work by 5:00 PM on training days. Make sure fitness becomes part of your routine, not just that hour you spend at the gym together. Walk, bike, do active things that generate experiences that you would never have just sitting around. We have some great memories of things we have seen or done by getting out there and being active.

You look better together, feel better together, eat healthier together and have experiences together. The key word being together. Life is short and staying fit and healthy allows for quality time with Lisa as long as I want.

Lisa: Do it! You’ll never look back!

And what about you, Matt? What’s it like for a trainer to train two clients instead of one?

Matt: It’s exhilarating! All three of us finish the hour feeling inspired, fulfilled and ready to face the day with enthusiasm.



Inspired by Alex and Lisa’s story? Ask a member of our staff about tandem sessions at any Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Clubs locations and sign up for a complimentary trial session for you and your partner or friend.

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