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Formed in 2001, the Steve Nash Foundation aims to grow healthy kids by funding projects that provide services to children affected by poverty, illness, abuse and neglect. Through to create opportunity for education, play and empowerment. The Foundation focuses its resources on communities in Phoenix, Arizona and British Columbia, Canada, but has recently begun to expand its scope to high-need areas in other countries.

Steve Nash Fitness Clubs is a proud contributor to the Foundation. As a good corporate citizen, our charitable involvement focuses on health, fitness and education initiatives that make a difference in our community and to the people that live here.

For more information on the good work being done by the Steve Nash Foundation, please visit our website.

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We know your family means the world to you. When you’re dedicated to achieving your fitness goals but aren’t sure what to do with your kids when it’s time to workout, just bring them with you. Our kidszone will keep them entertained while you build up a successful sweat. Each of our friendly professionals are experienced with certifications in first-aid and CPR.

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