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Meet David, Assistant Fitness Manager & SNFC Fitness MotivatorJanuary 5, 2017 | written by

David Rojo is the Assistant Fitness Manager for our Richmond Steve Nash Sports Club. In his role, David works closely with the Fitness Manager to lead and mentor Personal Trainers within the club on service, sales and the science of personal training. He spends the rest of his day inspiring and training clients of his own to achieve all of their health and fitness goals.

Over the past five years, David has stepped out of his comfort zone and experienced major personal & professional growth. We are thrilled to recognize David for his enthusiasm and dedication to changing lives at SNFC!

Assistant Fitness Manager David Rojo


I chose to pursue my personal training career with SNFC after realizing there was unlimited room for growth, the chance to work with an incredible, hard-working team, and, best of all, the opportunity to make a living doing what I love to do. Five years later, these three aspects still stand true.

Assistant Fitness Manager David Rojo

Why is health and fitness important to you?

Staying healthy and strong is key to maintaining and improving quality of life. Diabetes and heart conditions are hereditary in my family. I have seen firsthand what they can do to the body and how it changes the way one lives. After seeing several family members suffer, I became compelled to help others live a healthier, fuller life. Since then, I have continued to spread the word of fitness.

What is your background in fitness and sports?

I’ve been a Pro-Am Boxer since I was 17, which has allowed me to stay healthy and fit over the years. Boxing helps with cardiovascular endurance, weight loss, stamina, lung capacity, reflexes and mental discipline. I also competed in a physique show in 2014 to experience what is involved in creating a drastic aesthetic transformation of the body. I have since expanded my knowledge and become a certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Assistant Fitness Manager David Rojo

What has been your greatest achievement on #TeamSNFC?

Growing up, I was always very shy. Since starting at SNFC, I have been given endless opportunity to grow both personally and professionally in that sense. Every day is a new challenge that allows me to step outside of my comfort zone and talk to new people. By overcoming shyness I have been able to build meaningful relationships with clients, members and my entire fitness team. These relationships have allowed me to develop as a fitness professional and become a more confident SNFC inspiration.

David Assistant Fitness Manager 2

What makes a Personal Trainer successful?

As a Personal Trainer, you must truly believe in the service you provide, understand the value it carries and be able to speak to that value. You must have passion, patience, integrity and confidence in your abilities. Lastly, you have to be comfortable with making (and learning from) your mistakes, as that is part of the learning process. And if you don’t learn, you’ll never grow.


  1. Jan Dockray says:

    I started training with David Rojo almost 4 years ago – 3 times a week. Before I began my training David, I had some health issues, i.e Type 2
    Diabetes, high blood pressure and a deteriorating L4 in my back. Since training with David, I have been able to manage my Diabetes, my blood pressure is back to normal and I no longer have back pain. Thanks to David for sensing what Si need and what I’m cable of even though I don’t. We have become great friends, but he is still my favourite trainer. CONGRATS DAVID!!!! So proud of you.????????????????????

    1. Celia says:

      Thanks for sharing, Jan! We’re so happy you’ve been able to improve your quality of life with David’s help 🙂 Keep us posted on your progress!

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