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General Manager Michael Fenwick

Meet Michael, General Manager & SNFC InspirationNovember 30, 2016 | written by

Michael joined Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club (SNFC) as a Membership Representative in August 2012 at Steve Nash Fitness World Delta. Michael joined SNFC through a high school work experience program, and has since exceeded expectations of everyone around him, including himself. In four years, Michael has crushed all of his personal and professional goals and become one of the youngest President’s Club winners and General Managers of an SNFC club!

Michael Fenwick General Manager

Why is health & fitness important to you?

Fitness keeps me from going back to a time when I was overweight, insecure and unhappy. Living a healthier lifestyle allowed me to gain back my confidence and exponentially increased my happiness, enabling me to become who I am today.


I was at a place where I was seeking meaningful and purposeful change in my life. I always had an interest in sales and a passion for health & fitness, so I decided to apply to SNFC. Originally, I had planned to work for a year and then apply to post-secondary school. However, after my first year, I was promoted to Assistant General Manager and saw opportunities that far exceeded what I had ever expected. The growth continued from there and I haven’t looked back since!

Tell us about a defining moment in your career path with SNFC.

Hiring, training and developing my first protege, Sina. He initially came to the interview for the experience, as he had a finance job lined up elsewhere. Our 15-minute interview turned into an hour-long conversation, and he ended up joining our team! Within three months, he was quickly promoted from Membership Representative to Assistant General Manager, and in December he will become our newest General Manager. Knowing I was a huge part of his success and development gives me an immeasurable feeling of pride and fulfillment.

What makes a successful Membership Representative?

You have to be coachable, determined, and have a genuine passion for health and fitness. When I first started, I had hesitation that I would not be able to perform to the level expected of me because I didn’t have sales experience or post-secondary education. Dominic, one of my most impactful mentors, told me, “You build your resume here; the work you put in every single day will speak for itself.” Listening to and living by those words helped me build my career with SNFC and grow into the sales professional and leader I am today.


What advice do you have for aspiring Assistant General Managers or General Managers?

Act for the position you want. If you are an Assistant General Manager, you need to dress, speak and essentially be a General Manager. Ask yourself constantly, “Would my Manager have a higher expectation of me?” If they would, make a change.

Career Opportunities

With 1,000 team members serving over 100,000 members across 21 locations, we offer best-in-class fitness facilities where fun and wellness are built into our employer brand. We are growing throughout BC and are happy to be part of Canada’s healthiest province. A career with us means achieving all your personal and professional goals! We are committed to training and developing each employee so their opportunities for growth are endless. If this sounds like the career for you, visit our website to view current opportunities.


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    Nicely done!

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    I am looking for a job opportunity

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      Hi Onder, thank you for your message! Please visit our website to view and apply for all available job opportunities:

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